Anna (2013)
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star star star star star star star star star star   6,5/10 (13490 voti)

Regista: Jorge Dorado

Cast: Mark Strong (come John Washington), Saskia Reeves (come Michelle Greene), Richard Dillane (come Robert), Indira Varma (come Judith Morrow), Noah Taylor (come Peter Lundgren)

Paese: Spain   Studio: Vertical Entertainment

Durata: 99 minuti

Genere(i): Drammatico, Thriller

Codec: Unknown   

Lingua: Inglese   



Trama: In the near future or an alternate reality, there are memory detectives, people who have the ability to enter other peoples' electronically aided memories. They often are used to resolve psychological conflicts, and sometimes to exonerate someone from a crime. John was at one time the top in this field but he has been recovering from the death of his wife, and a stroke. To get back into work the head of the small firm he works for offers him what is supposed to be a simple job, getting 16 year old Anna to start eating again. However, the "simple job" turns into his most challenging.

Numero: 243