To Rome with Love (2012)
cover To Rome with Love

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star star star star star star star star star star   6,3/10 (64715 voti)

Regista: Woody Allen

Cast: Judy Davis (come Phyllis), Flavio Parenti (come Michelangelo), Roberto Benigni (come Leopoldo), Alison Pill (come Hayley), Alessandro Tiberi (come Antonio)

Paese: USA   Studio: Sony Pictures Classics

Durata: 112 minuti

Genere(i): Commedia, Romantico

Codec: Unknown   

Lingua: Inglese, Italiano   



Trama: In Rome, the America tourist Hayley meets the local lawyer Michelangelo on the street and soon they fall in love with each other. Hayley's parents, the psychiatrist Phyllis and the retired music producer Jerry, travel to Rome to meet Michelangelo and his parents. When Jerry listens to Michelangelo's father Giancarlo singing opera in the shower, he is convinced that he is a talented opera singer. But there is a problem: Giancarlo can only sing in the shower. The couple Antonio and Milly travel to Rome to meet Antonio's relatives that belong to the high society. Milly goes to the hairdresser while Antonio waits for her in the room. Milly gets lost in Rome and the prostitute Anna mistakenly goes to Antonio's room. Out of the blue, his relatives arrive in the room and they believe Anna is Antonio's wife. Meanwhile the shy Milly meets her favorite actor Luca Salta (Antonio Albanese) and goes to his hotel room "to discuss about movies". One day, the middle-class clerk Leopoldo becomes a ...

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