Colpi di fulmine (2012)
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Noto come: Colpi di fulmine

Regista: Neri Parenti

Cast: Christian De Sica (come Alberto Benni), Luisa Ranieri (come Angela), Pasquale Petrolo (come Nando), Claudio Gregori (come Ermete Maria Grilli), Anna Foglietta (come Adele Ventresca)

Paese: Italy   Studio: Terminal Video

Durata: 104 minuti

Genere(i): Commedia

Codec: Unknown   

Lingua: Italiano   



Trama: Colpi di Fulmine is a film that deals with the theme of love at first sight. In the first part a psychiatrist (Christian De Sica) ends up in the cross-hair of the revenue authorities. He is innocent, but He is afraid to go to jail before he could make his point, so he disguises himself as a priest and takes refuge in a small village in Trentino, where he pretends to be the new pastor of the small community. Although fasting for religious practices, thanks to its experience can empathize with the parishioners. The situation becomes complicated when he falls in love at first sight with a beautiful woman (Luisa Ranieri). For both it is a shameful love: for her because she believes him to be a true priest, for him because he knows he's a fake priest. These are the premise for a series of comic situations that will lead to a surprise ending. The second part of the film takes place in Rome, starring the Italian Ambassador to the Holy See (Greg). The diplomat, as he wants his role, is ...

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