American Gigolo (1980)
cover American Gigolo

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star star star star star star star star star star   6,2/10 (15438 voti)

Regista: Paul Schrader

Cast: Richard Gere (come Julian), Lauren Hutton (come Michelle), Hector Elizondo (come Sunday), Bill Duke (come Leon), Brian Davies (come Charles Stratton)

Paese: USA   Studio: Paramount Pictures

Durata: 117 minuti

Genere(i): Crimine, Drammatico, Mistero, Romantico, Thriller

Codec: Unknown   

Lingua: Inglese, Tedesco, Francese, Svedese   



Trama: Julian makes a lucrative living as an escort to older women in the Los Angeles area. He begins a relationship with Michelle, a local politician's wife, without expecting any pay. One of his clients is murdered and Detective Sunday begins pumping him for details on his different clients, something he is reluctant to do considering the nature of his work. Julian begins to suspect he's being framed. Meanwhile Michelle begins to fall in love with him.

Numero: 7