Untouchables, The (1959)
cover Untouchables, The

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star star star star star star star star star star   8,1/10 (1480 voti)

Regista: Walter Grauman, Stuart Rosenberg, Paul Wendkos, John Peyser, Robert Butler, Bernard L. Kowalski, Howard W. Koch, Tay Garnett, Roger Kay, Don Medford, Ida Lupino, Alex March, Vincent McEveety, Allen Reisner, Joe Parker, Robert Gist, Abner Biberman, Paul Stanley, Leonard Horn, Jerry Hopper, Phil Karlson, Andrew McCullough, Allen H. Miner, Richard Whorf, Robert Florey, Paul Harrison, Herman Hoffman, Bernard McEveety, Laslo Benedek, Sherman Marks

Cast: Robert Stack (come Eliot Ness), Paul Picerni (come Lee Hobson), Steve London (come Jack Rossman), Walter Winchell (come Narrator), Nicholas Georgiade (come Enrico Rossi)

Paese: USA   Studio: ABC

Durata: 50 minuti

Genere(i): Azione, Crimine, Drammatico

Codec: Unknown   

Lingua: Inglese   



Trama: Chicago, 1930, time of the prohibition. And it is the great time for the organized crime, the so called Mafia. One of the big bosses is Al Capone. He is the best know but at least, he was only one in a dirty game of sex, crime and corruption. People are willing to pay any price to drink alcohol, and sometimes it is their life they have to pay with. Special agent Eliot Ness and his team are trying to defeat the alcohol Mafia, but in this job, you don't have any friends.

Numero: 78