"If you want to go fast , go alone, if you want to go far, go together“


"The man who has no imagination has no wings to fly"


"When there is a goal, even the desert becomes the street"


"You can not teach something to a man. You can only help him discover it within himself"



"A cat can solve everything by purring"


I don't know why you are here but , first of all , let me say : welcome on board !

My name's Giuseppe Cigarini but for everybody I'm Beppe.

After a lot of changes in my professional life I thought to publish the new release of my web site.

The contents and the designe are updated and I hope this restyling should be more interesting.

I spent most of my career at Nestlè in the IS-IT department, in 2008 I joined Supply Chain, first in the role of Supply Chain Manager of the Ice Cream and Frozen Food division and, subsequently, as Head of Logistics at the Corporate level.

From August 2020 I accepted a new professional challenge and I took the responsibility of Supply Chain Director in Gelato d 'Italia.

The best way I have found to describe my current area of ​​responsibility is as follows:

"The primary purpose of Supply Chain Management is to maximize the level of service to the end customer, at the same time optimizing operating costs and committed capital. It is of substantial importance to underline that, in SCM projects, collaboration plays a primary role. through this collaboration we get to improve some functions such as:

forecasting of demand, necessary in order to better understand the needs of consumers;
demand planning, to create more reliable and precise action plans and reduce the number of returns (reverse logistic);
order processing;
the planning of production capacity and therefore the consequent optimal use of the plants;
planning of the use of materials;
the integration between demand and supply;
the integration and collaboration between production, logistics and marketing. "


I wish you a good navigation !

Beppe Cigarini

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