Luca 2014
Name Luca
Surname Cigarini
alias Luca
date of birth
Monday,September the 13th 1993
living in Sassuolo
profession Employee : Logistic & Trasport
height 1,89 m
eyes green-blue
hair blond

Luca 2008 07 2


Football , Fishing , all about shark

played sports

Tennis , Ski , Swimming, five-a-side football

As for the music...

Favorite singers : Black Eyed Peas,Linkin Park Guns n Roses

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Favorite books: Il gran sole di Hiroshima (Karl Bruckner) , Le memorie di un pazzo

Favorite foods: Pizza

Favorite beverages: Water , Coke, Orange soda

Virtues: Creative, optimistic, available

Flaws: Messy